Aronia Berry Ice Cream

The Dap-Kings get another back stage treat in Bellingham thanks to Joselynn and the nice people at Mallard Ice Cream (1323 ¬†Railroad ave, Bellingham, WA). Joselynn, the manager of the Nightlight (tonight’s venue), shows up with pints and pints of delicious fresh made ice-cream. The Dap Kings sample a variety of interesting flavors including strawberry aronia berry (amazing), pumpkin made with local organic pumpkin (a pumpkin lover’s delight), chili lime (not quite together yet), lavender (subtle), chocolate mint cheesecake, green tea made with aged macha from Japan, non-dairy coconut milk ice cream (surprisingly good), butter pecan (classic), and regular old vanilla (damn good). Pictured below is Joselynn displaying my personal favorite — banana.¬†


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