Toby’s Tomato Sauce

Hello old friends, I want to apologize for the lack of blogging — I have been on vacation. Today’s subject is Toby’s pasta sauce. Toby, who is slightly famous around these parts, makes a killer tomato sauce. He has been perfecting this for about a decade now and it just keeps getting better. He starts with a mirepoix, which is a french name for a combination of minced onions, celery and carrots (he doesn’t it call it this, but this seems to be what it is). He sautes this in olive oil, and then adds canned tomatoes. While letting the tomatoes reduce into a perfect sauce, he gets creative. One of his signature tricks is adding a large piece of the rind of parmesan cheese. I happen to have some marinated artichoke hearts that have been ground up in my fridge, so he adds that. And at the end, he adds some prosciuotto and fresh basil. He may add some other things to this sauce as well, I am not quite sure. Whatever he adds, his sauce is consistently some of the best damn sauce around. 


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  1. toby Says:

    You forgot about the garlic, salt, pepper. and a pinch of sugar… can’t forget about that…. Most important is to keep stirring it for at least 1 and a half hours, to allow all the flavors to blend together. If you leave it unattended for ten minutes the sauce will burn and your left with a horrible taste.

    I use fresh tomatoes only in the fall when they are in season, otherwise there is really no difference between the canned stuff (which should be peeled whole italian imported) and the normal tomatoes you get in the off season.

    Most of my technique comes from movies like the godfather and Goodfellas.

  2. muffindegue Says:

    i like the chef touch garlic salt pepper and a pinch of sugar … AND most important thank you homey for getting back to the job

  3. Fernando Says:

    So what about the bottle of wine is holding? That’s not part of the recipe?


  4. Gregory Says:

    man i really blew it by going to Bonita that night.

  5. Ron van der Veen Says:

    You are the funk/soul drummer on Al Green’s new CD. Great to hear that. Looks like you gig around with others too. Any advise for a drummer who loves soul and funk music? I am currently in a band called THE mediocres. Funny name, but we love to jam…

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