Pork with Milk

Today, I am in Bordeaux. You can’t really talk about food in Bordeaux without talking about the wine. Unfortunately I am no connoisseur. Suffice it to say, I drink some wine and it is damn good. In Bordeaux even the cheap wines are quite good. Lets get on to the food. Musicians are treated well in France, and one of the perks of being on tour here is that most venues offer the band a cooked meal. The bands and the staff all eat together. Usually an in-house cook makes a couple of dishes to choose from. Tonight at the Salle du Vigean (Rue Serge Mallet, 33 Eysines), it is either fish or pork. I choose the pork (despite my Jewish ancestry), and it is delicious. The chef tells me that its “pork with milk”, but I don’t detect any milk in the dish, so I assume the pork has been slowed cooked in milk to tenderize it. Or the chef could have her English mixed up, and I’ll never truly know how this pork was prepared. Either way, the pork is at its falling-apart-tender stage, and served over rice with a nice jus with onions and mushrooms. The dish doesn’t have any unusual flavors, but as a fellow Dap-King says, “I like it. Its simple and its got soul.” Next course is the salad (sometimes, here in Europe, the salad is served après the meat entrée). I couldn’t figure out if the salad is watercress or some other similar French green, but it was sweet and tasty. To follow comes a standard array of soft and pungent French cheeses—chevre (goat).  Brie, Camembert and Cantal — Nothing wrong with that. Lest I forget the whole thing is served with no shortage of baguettes. You just don’t get bread like this in the States. 

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  1. muffindegue Says:

    the greens appear to be a cross between sucern ( a young french bib) and a delicate watercress… in any case it does look quite delicious

  2. wickywacky Says:

    What I think it was,baby pork fed exclusively on milk for tenderising and taste reasons…

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