Mama & Papa B’s BBQ

The Dap-Kings cannot pass through the south without our fare share of barbeque. Today the spot of choice is Mama & Papa B’s in Waco Texas. This is a real deal bbq shack. No frills here — just pork, beef and a few sides. They don’t even have chicken. Our GPS machine led us to this place, and it’s really unbelievable that this place is on the map at all. We have some ribs and sliced beef. The ribs are the winner with a delicious wet bbq sauce poured over them. The hot sauce has freshly ground pepper and spices floating in it, making it quite unique. It takes the ribs to the next level. Pictured here is Ivan Milev, the incredible Bulgarian accordion player (who has been opening for Sharon Jones), enjoying some ribs. Driving from Austin to Dallas? Don’t miss Mama Papa B’s at 525 S. 8ths St. Waco, TX 76705.


3 Responses to “Mama & Papa B’s BBQ”

  1. Jop Says:

    looks so good. Curious about the “cake” on the menu…

  2. Patrick Zeller Says:

    Glad you got to have at some barbecue while you were in Texas. Good choice.

    I drove up from San Antonio and saw your show in Austin. I had a good time. My mother actually bought the tickets online in Chicago intending for us to go together, but in the end she couldn’t fly down and join me. So if you could swing through her area that would make her happy.

    I ate at Hut’s Burger just down the street from Antone’s that night. It’s been around a while. Not bad.

    When it comes to barbecue in Austin however, I only go to the ‘Salt Lick’ just west of town. Don’t mess with the brisket or sausage, beans or potatoes; JUST ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS AND COLESLAW!

  3. toby Says:

    looks pretty damn amazing. Openning band guy seems to love it.

    I want some steinweiss family superbowl party recaps though. Roll em out big guy.

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