Classic Barcelona

I don’t drink very much coffee (gives me the jitters), but when I am in Barcelona,  (pronounced: “barthelona”), I must have a cortado. This perfect coffee drink seems to be completely overlooked by my coffee obsessed homeland, but everyone here drinks it. Not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but this drink is just a little bigger than a shot. I don’t know the exact formula but I think it is one part espresso and one part steamed milk with a little bit of foam on top. I can’t describe the perfection. Alongside the cortado, I order a tortilla espana. This is an egg, potato and onion pie with no crust. All the cafes and tapas bars have a tortilla sitting around, and when you order a piece, they nuke it up and pour olive on top like maple syrup to your pancakes. Its often served with pan con tomate, which is sliced bread fresh tomato and olive smeared on. You cannot visit this wonderful city without experiencing these two simple delights. (This meal was eaten at O’ Vall D’ouro–don’t have the address yet).

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  1. ninja Says:

    Cortado is an expresso with just a squirt of milk to change the color. The foam is the natural foam an expresso correctly done has, it’s not additional foam on top.
    And yes, tortilla española (we normally call it tortilla de patatas, potato omelette) is very yummy.

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