Chef Ria Pell greets the band with some true southern hospitality as we enter her delicious and innovative restaurant “Sauced.”  I am very excited to be returning to my favorite spot in Atlanta. The meal begins with a gift from the boss — a little paper bag filled with crunchy pieces of bacon peanut brittle. Oh lordie! This is followed with an array of appetizers; I order the daily canapé special, which is a drop biscuit filled with thick country ham and some brie. I also share some chicken livers cooked on a sprig of Rosemary served with onion jam, and some pork rinds. The liver is too good. For my main dish, I have perfectly roasted half chicken served with succotash and warm fingerling potato salad with olives. This succotash is so good, I’m gonna have to try my hand at it when I get home (any recipes?). My tablemates order confit spare ribs, which truly fall off the bone and  biscuits with homemade blackberry jam. Everything at this restaurant is supremely delicious. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming. I can say nothing but good things about this place and i will be coming back next time I’m in town.

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  1. jen Says:

    Guess what? It´s a native indian meal….

    ingredients (4 people)

    1-2 onions
    2 cans kernel of maize
    1 can kidney bean (white)
    2 c. tomatoes
    1 green pepper
    a heaped tsp.butter
    1/2 c. sour cream
    salt an pepper
    chopped parsley

    1. Peel onions and hush them.
    2. Rinse, pit and dice green pepper
    3. Rinse and scratch tomatoes crosswise, put them into hot water for 1-2 minutes to peel off easily and dice them.
    4. melt butter in a pot. Add maize, beans, green pepper and onions to roast gently 3-4 minutes, add tomatoes, salt an pepper. Simmer all at medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
    5. Mix in sour cream, finally simmer all and add some seasoning (gusto).

    My fave late night food with tostada shells and a warmish brownie afterwards…. ;-)

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