Karine from Lyon

I have mentioned before that most venues in France offer the band a fresh cooked meal. ┬áThis posting features Karine, the chef at today’s venue. The band arrives to the club (Ninkasi Kao 267 Rue Marcel Merieux, Lyon) around noon. Waiting for us an elaborate spread of delights. Karine has made 4 diffent kinds of Quiche (ham, spinach, vegetable and cheese), homemade hummus, carrot salad, parsnip salad and an assorment of meats and cheeses. During this lunch, I notice Karine is already in Kitchen and the chicken is already in the oven. She proceeds to slow cook this chicken, until its perfectly tender. Around 6 o’clock, the fellas and I grab our plates make and our way to the to the kitchen. Karine and her 3 assistants plate it up. The chicken is accompanied by white rice and a hearty sauce filled with vegetables and Moroccan spices. The dish is perfect. Karine explains to me that she went to Morocco and brought the spices back herself. That is some serious dedication. Thanks Karine.

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  1. tdaddy Says:

    that chicken looks sick! (in a good way)

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