Calçots are a variety of green onions that are unique to Catalonia. They have an extra long white part which is cultivated by re-covering the onion with soil every time it peaks out of the ground. These overgrown scallions are harvested at the end of winter into the early spring and are only eaten at this time of the year. We are lucky to be in Barcelona in prime Calçots season, and so my friend Adria takes us to Can Cargolet, a great steak and snail restaurant, where they serve this speciality. The calçots are charred over a grill and served with a special red sauce comprised of tomatoes, almonds, olive oil, vinegar and garlic. Adria demonstrates how this is eaten: remove the charred skin in with one gentle pull, dip in the sauce and drop the whole white section into your mouth. The flavor is indescribably good. The inside gets steamed and soft and melts in your mouth with the delicious sauce. It is truly an exciting food experience. Enjoy the demonstration video and check this link to get your own calçots (not sure if they deliver international).

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