Room Service

Today is the first of two days off in Cologne, Germany, and, for some reason or other, we are staying in a really fancy Radisson. Up until now, the band has been working non-stop and sleeping on the tour bus, so we are all extremely happy to spend some time in Luxury. And Luxury this is! Dave and I go to the gym and then switch between the sauna and the cold jacuzzi a few times–Exhilarating! On return to our room, there seems to be no better idea than to order room service. We stick to the basics–some Rigatoni mit Bolognese und Champingon (Rigatoni with meat sauce and mushrooms), and a Ceasar Salat mit Parmesan-Knoblauch-Dressing und Hahnchenbrest (Ceasar salad with chicken). No surprises here. The food is just how you would want it to be — delicious and satisfying. This is true hotel comfort food. 

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  1. leslie Says:

    dave looks pretty happy. You sound alittle like your grandpa julie. He LOVED room service. that’s the first thing he’d do when hit a hotel…order up! He really had his hotel priorities straight…1-food! 2- get comfortable! 3-call a client!
    all is well here—enzo is good. i’m reading Dr. Weil’s book on natural health. It’s solid! Talk to you soon. tdaddy

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