Stampot Boerenkool Met Worst

I am about to indulge in a very typical Dutch dish — stampot boerenkool met worst or mashed potatoes and kale (literally farmer’s cabbage) with beef sausage. There is a very specific way to plate this dish in order to truly eat it dutch style. You must make a canyon with your potatoes, pour the gravy in it, and then top with the sausage (see photo). The dish is quite heavy but it is a great pre-gig energy booster. (This is being consumed in the cafeteria in the tv studio for Raymann is Laat (Raymann is Late), a popular dutch talk show).

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  1. ma Says:

    is there a reason that the worst is placed on the side rather than smack in the middle???? in this case, it kind of seems like the canal is gravy only.

  2. admin Says:

    Its actually placed on top, it just looks like its on the side.

  3. Hiram Says:

    Actually, it’s called ‘boerenkool’, which means ‘farmer’s cabbage’. Never had a pre-gig helping myself (I’m a drummer from Holland), will try it sometime definitely. Really enjoyed the show last night at the Paradiso (Dap-Kingswise anyway); boy, are you guys tight!

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks Hiram. I corrected the mistakes.

  5. kallen Says:

    let me know if you are in town … i am in amsterdam.
    did you get to try bitterball ?

  6. Norah Says:

    Having been on Rayman is laat, you also have to try his country, Surinam, food when you get back to Amsterdam. I can strongly recommend eating a “Roti” with curry potatoes, veggies and any kind of meat. It is originally an indian dish but in Amsterdam it will be from an Surinam Indian and you eat it with your hands. Other Surinam culinary experiences are a “broodje bakkeljauw”, “Pom”, “Pastei” and “bruine bonen met rijst”! Ask Rayman which restaurant is good:)

    Can’t wait to see you in Atlanta in January

  7. Peter Stöve Says:

    Enjoyed the show last night in Paradiso… Both mr. Bradley and mr. Fields deserve it well to be better known. And the band was tight, indeed!
    Being a teacher of Dutch, however, I feel I have to correct you in the spelling of the dish. It should be ’stamppot’, with a double ‘p’. It is a combination of the words ’stamp’ (which means to crush, to pulverize) and ‘pot’ (you guessed it…). P.S. I have a smoker in my backyard, and smoke my own ‘rookworst’. Better than those factory-made worst…
    Keep up the good work! And when in any need for a quick replacement for a bass-player when in Amsterdam (maybe if he’s sick of eating to much stamppot or speculaas ☺), call my daughter. She’s a terrific bass-player and knows all the Daptone records by heart…

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