I am hungry and tired when I wake up in the lovely city of Amsterdam. I missed the free hotel breakfast but find a little time before I get on the bus to hit the local food scene. I come across Simon Meysen Brookbakker, a handsome bakery on Van Baerlestraat (Simon has 4 other locations in Amsterdam). I get a hot croissant with ham and cheese built in (delightful), a blueberry muffin (not the best, but certainly not bad), and some Speculaas. Speculaas is a typical dutch cinnamon cookie or biscuit. It is often decorated for the holiday season (similar to gingerbread men). The Speculaas I have here is a thicker piece and is topped with some sliced almonds. More importantly, this piece of Speculaas becomes my travel companion. The croissant fills my appetite, so the Speculaas remains uneaten. I have a little on the way to Hamburg and enjoy it thoroughly. The next morning, I am pleasantly surprised to still have some Speculaas left. I eat some more. At this point I feel a special connection and decide this guy has to make it to Berlin. Well, Speculaas is no longer with me, but I will always have a place for it in my heart.

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  1. kleinski Says:

    RIP, tasty Speculaas…

    Well, over here in Cologne you could buy another closely related biscuit right now, some weeks before x-mas. It is called Spekulatius and typical for this region - my mom made it, when I was younger …

    So you got the chance to acquire some Spekulatius - you should check a local supermarket while you are still in Germany, guess they got some.

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