Noodles in Wiesbaden

Today I am in a Durint hotel in Wiesbaden. Before eating, I hit the gym where I find a “German Techno Shower” (an exciting personal water experience consisting of lights, aromas, and varying temperatures and pressures in the water — from red hot waterfall to chilling blue mist). With a new sense of cleanliness, I seek out some sustenance. I initially decide that I must have some good traditional German food — schnitzel please! I walk and walk and cannot seem to find what I am looking for. After an hour and change of searching, I find an old style bar-restaurant. I enter and immediatly feel like I have made the wrong move. All the people are old and pale and they are all staring at me. There is no waiter in sight. I attempt to stick it out by awkwardly waiting in the middle of the restaurant for a minute or so and then I make my move to the exit. Crap! At this point I am extremely hungry so I just cross the street to the nearest spot — Koi, a trendy Asian noodle bar. I order Vietameisische Klare Nudelsuppe (Vietnamese clear noodle soup). It is basically a clear broth with an array of fresh vegetables and tofu. It is so tasty, and I am glad to have a change in pace from the heavy German food that I initially set out for. Luckily I don’t leave Wiesbaden without a local food specialty. Daniella, the Dap-Kings German publicist, kindly brings the band some Veckmann. This is a German bread that is prepared at this time of the year to celebrate the German bakers. The bread is supposed to resemble a baker smoking a pipe (the pipe is not edible). The bread is tasty with a challah like consistency. Thanks Daniella! For those of you interested, this is a link to our performance on Dutch TV:

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  1. Gregory Says:

    I really want a Led Zeppelin laser light show in my shower.

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