Croque Madame

My first delicious French experience of this tour occurs around 4:30 Sunday afternoon. I am coming off an overnight plane ride so I am not sure if I am hungry or tired but I decide that it is a good time to eat. It’s hard to tell here in Paris the proper time pour manger because, while everyone seems to be in cafes quite frequently, most people are drinking (usually beer of coffee).  At this moment, however, the majority of people sitting at this café are eating. And a majority of those eating are eating croque madame[s]. Perhaps you know what this is. Or perhaps you only know the more basic version: the croque monsieur. A croque monsieur is a hot ham cheese sandwich, sometimes served open-faced and sometimes as a sandwich. The sandwich version contains the ham in the middle, the Cheese on top, and a béchamel sauce is often placed under the cheese (over the bread). In my opinion, the open face is the most delicious way to eat this sandwich—just one nice piece of French peasant bread with ham and some emmental cheese melted to perfection on top.  As a custom, the first thing I usually do when I get to France is to sit in a café and say “Je voudrais un croque monsieur”. But this day it is slightly different. Today I simply say: “Un croque madame S’il vous plait” (I probably sound like an idiot, b/c the people next to me giggle). The Croque Madame is just like its male  counterpart except with a sunny side up fried egg on top. The whole thing is served with a standard French Salad which is quite delicious. I highly recommend this traditional French sandwich.  (Tommy, pictured below, did not get to experience the croque madame).


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  1. Jacob Says:

    a truly informative blog on the state of the madame croque, and the boorish Americans that digest them. Homer, you are simply wonderful!

  2. leslie Says:

    Hi Homer,
    I love this ! Your writing is wonderful and the pix are amazing. It’s a wonderful amazing world we live in. Keep it coming. Hungry for more! Love, Tdaddy

  3. muffindegue Says:

    thank you for the pictorials……..they are the classic “a picture is worth” ……hopefully monsieur tommy will be more fortunite in the days ahead.

  4. Clare Says:

    Your food blog rocks and pics are out of this world. We wanted to do this in cafes (thats pronounced kaffs not caffeee) in London where I used to eat every moring because the way bacon and egg and beans could change from kaff to kaff never failed to blow my mind and day after day I wished I`d had a camera to capture all the amazing action on the plate. Wo - your blog takes on the whole world .

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