Tour Round Up

Well, the European tour is over, and I would like to take some time to thank all the support we had in Europe. Thank you Guido and Uta for being the best tour bus drivers ever and for being the happy couple that you are. Thank you George for flying all the way from Australia to do our sound, for being a kick ass sound man, and for making life on the road easy and mellow. Thank you to the Frenchies (Mathieu and Lauren of Ter a Terre, our booking agency), for supporting us in Europe (try not to freak out when you read this, 30). Thank you Jorg for hooking us up in Germany (even though you did not make the meatballs that you promised). Thank you Daniella for getting us good press in Germany (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of you). And thank you all the people who came and supported the band. We had a great time! 

p.s. This doesn’t mean the blog is ending.  This culinary voyage will continue through the US.



2 Responses to “Tour Round Up”

  1. kleinski Says:

    Thank you and the other Dap-Kings - and the one and only Dap-Queen - for the gigs!

    I had the pleasure to see two of your shows in Cologne and Hamburg and next time, you are around, I will be there again!

    And now I hope, that Jörg will hand over that hoodie he brought with for me pretty soon ;-)

    best, kleinski

  2. jk Says:

    Hey Homer, I have to say thank you to have had the chance hanging out with you and being helpful on the on or other thang for yo’all. Hope it won’t take long ’til I can provide you those Meatballs again ;-) Germany’s waiting for more Dap on stage - more ass-kicking Homer on drums. People over here really get crazy over your shows here and the album. Hey, hope you have a good time. Please send my regards to the rest of the band. All the best and looking so much forward for more, jk aka Jorg

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