The Middle East


The Middle East is the name of a night club and restaurant that we often play in Boston. The food here is pretty good. I order lamb kebob, which comes with rice pilaf, beans, salad and a delicous homemade harissa (a thick hot sauce). It is nothing unusual for this type of fare but is a nice meal and it certainly gives me the energy for a good show. Unfortunately, I cannot say all good things about this Boston venue. A friend of mine tried to come to the show but was not let in because his license expired. This guy is clearly in his thirties and he was on the guest list. WTF?

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  1. Laurent Says:

    i’ve just travelled on your food blog, (i got the link with Daptones Rcds) it’s very funny and pleasant…and say that “good” food on the road is so important for the body and soul…and is a good “hommage” for the venues who gave you good meals !
    im also a Dapking and Missss Sharon jones fan, i’ve seen you everytime you’ve played in Bordeaux…so keep on keepin’ on
    see you next time in Europe.

  2. danny Says:

    sorry to hear you buddy wasn’t let in, but thats not a middle east thing…its a Boston uptight thing. Luckily, my three friends and I did get in. Although, we were a little disappointed the Budos band weren’t able to make it you guys made the night unforgetable. To quote a song I heard the other day “i needed a new soul like a worn shoe”, and now I have enough to last two lifetimes.
    Next time you come to Boston and want to get some good food. Try out Cafe Belo on brighton ave…delicious brazilian food. keep spreading that funky soulness.

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