Dirt Cup

On our way out of Boston, we decide to hold out for a little while before stopping for lunch. However, when it comes time to stop for food (and gas) we seem to be out of luck. We are now in New Hampshire and every exit is 10 miles apart and there are no comforting blue signs warning us about the upcoming Mcdonalds. We finally take an exit only to follow a sign that simply says “food”. We are in Contoocook (pop. 1,444). We find a gas station and a restaurant. It is not the prime restaurant hour but it seems to be open. When I walk in, however, there is a human size doll standing at the podium where the host would be and a “please wait to be seated sign.” I wait for a while, but to no avail. We decide to just eat whatever snacks we can get at the gas station. It turns out that this little gas station has a nice array of pre-made sandwiches. Everyone is satisfied with their turkey or tuna or chicken, but there is something in this place that I have to try. They call it a Dirt Cup and it consists of chocolate pudding, oreo cookies, non-dairy whipped cream (cool whip), and gummy worms. Well this is just how you would expect it to be — amazing. One problem, and maybe this is for the best, I cannot find any gummy worms in this sweet treat. So if you ever find yourself in Contoocook, don’t miss out on a Dirt Cup.

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  1. Catherine Says:

    My mom makes a damn fine dirt cake just like this, except it’s a cake.

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