Peameal Bacon Sandwich

 Here in Canada, they take their bacon pretty seriously. What we Americans call Canadian bacon is really just a lean meaty piece of back bacon. Out here they have something they call peameal bacon, which is canadian bacon that is coated with some cornmeal. Pictured above is a simple sandwich of peameal bacon on a soft white country roll. It may not look too appetizing, but this sandwich is what Binky Griptite would call PMA, or “pretty much awesome.” It is so simple and so good. I bought this in Toronto at the Carousel Bakery, a famous Bakery inside St. Lawrence Market (they seem to be famous for this particular sandwich). St. Lawrence Market (pictured below) is a famous indoor Market in Toronto where you can buy fresh meats, cheese, produce, bread, and some good prepared food.


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  1. jane Says:

    It looks pretty appetizing to me!

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