Nut Roll

The dap-kings are driving through Wisconsin from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. As navigator, I have to make sure to stay awake and have some treats for me and the driver to keep us happy and inspired. Enter the Nut Roll. This delicious king size nutty treat is made by a local midwest company called Pearsons ( The salted and roasted nuts are attached to a sweet white center via a thin layer of caramel. Besides being sweet and delicious, this bar is extremely manageable. There is no caramel strings when it is broken into little pieces. Its perfect for sharing with the band driver, Dave Guy. On a side note, I have a Wisconsin joke for you. Why did the Dap-Kings decide to play a gig in Milwaukee as opposed to Madison? Because Milwaukee, me likey!  

4 Responses to “Nut Roll”

  1. Whit Says:

    I wish I had a nut roll right now. Are you gonna bring some back for Thanksgiving?

  2. Toby Says:

    Meals are getting a little less complicated as you go into the heartland there buddy.

  3. Chuck Says:

    Homer, I know you ate while in the great city of Detroit, but no blog.
    I’m waiting patiently.

  4. admin Says:

    Hey Chuck, I am sorry that I didn’t post in detroit. I have some pictures of my burger that I ate at the majestic, which was pretty good, but I didn’t feel inspired to write a post about it. It may happen though. i had a sundae for dessert and it was pretty amazing.

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