Little Italy in Cleveland

Cleveland is the band’s last stop on the first U.S. “100″ days tour and we all decide we want Italian. After doing a couple of google searches, we choose a restaurant and head towards it. All of the sudden, we see a little sign that says Little Italy. Little Italy in Cleveland, who knew? It’s monday night so there is not much action on the main strip, but there are a couple of places still open. We end up in Guarino’s at 12309 Mayfield road. Turns out this is the oldest restaurant in Cleveland. The band feasts it up on classic Italian fare. I order chicken parmigiana with a side of fettucini (pictured above). The tomato sauce is sweet and tasty. While the food is not great, it is comforting and it is just what we were looking for. Perhaps the best thing about this place is the vibe and the decor. I couldn’t get a good picture to represent the decor, but our waitress (pictured below), gives off a pretty serious vibe.


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  1. onno Says:

    That looks like a typical American/Italian pasta dish.
    A lot of sauce on top of the pasta instead of a little bit of sauce mixed through the pasta (the Italian way).

    Love the blog!

    Keep up the food work


  2. Patrick Says:

    “All of the sudden, we see a little sign that says Little Italy. Little Italy in Cleveland, who knew?”

    Quotes like this make your food blog so sweet and, indeed, yummy!

    Big up from Cologne,


  3. kim Says:

    Your waitress that night happened to be my mother…

    She’s been at Guarino’s for over 40 years. Straight from Ponza, Italy, she started in the kitchen and, as her English improved, she moved out on to the floor. You were fortunate to have experienced a true taste of our very own “Little Italy” - our mom. (She says she’s famous now…thanks for posting her picture on your blog.)


  4. Joel Says:

    I don’t know if you could get this to the band in time, but after reading Homer’s food blog I thought he(and the rest of the band) might want to check out this restaurant in Cleveland

    It’s an amazing Hungarian restaurant on the east side of Cleveland in Shaker Square. Cleveland has always had a large Hungarian population and this is a place where their food is to be enjoyed. (sorry, that sounds kinda corny) Anyways, the food is great, the prices aren’t that high, the portions are generous and the atmosphere is chill

    I’m very much looking forward to the band’s performance at the rock hall. Take care and I hope you can take up the recommendation.

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