Brisket in Riverside

Tonight, the Dap-Kings are flying out of New York at 8 o’clock en route to California. Gabe, our bandleader and bass player, invites us to stay at his parent’s wonderful home. When we arrive at about 1 in the morning, we are greeted with his parent’s signature dish, brisket. This brisket is pretty much out of this world. It is covered in juices and mushrooms and it is melt-in-your-mouth perfect. Gabe’s dad, Andy, explains to me how he achieves this effect. “First of all”, he says, “you can’t take any of the fat off”. He goes on to explain that the brisket must be started the day before it is served. It is first braised with onions, water and onion soup powder. Then it sits in the fridge overnight. The next day, the brisket is sliced — he says it’s easier to slice when cold. The meat along with its juices is then combined with a bunch of sauteed mushrooms and is brought back to the burner where it simmers for hours until served with rice, bread and salad. The result is the perfect brisket. Father and son are pictured below chowing down. A big thank you to the Roth family for putting us up and serving us this delicious food.


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  1. Lexx Says:

    Gabe Roth is “melt-in-your-mouth perfect”…uh, oops…sorry my fingers have a mind of their own and type what they want.

    …I can see the fat on that brisket! HEAVY!

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