A Dap-King breakfast

I awake to the soothing smell of bacon. I am still at the Roth’s in Riverside and I am looking forward to breakfast. I go downstairs and find Sharon Jones, the queen of funk herself, frying up the bacon. Next to her is Binky Griptite, Dap-Kings singer and guitar man, scrambling some eggs. Fulfilling the toast requirement, is Fernando “boogaloo” Velez, our percussionist. Needless to say, the breakfast is great. Sharon cooks the crap out of some bacon. Binky put his special touch on the eggs by adding onions and basil. And Fernando has perfected the art of toast.  

3 Responses to “A Dap-King breakfast”

  1. muffindegue Says:

    Sharon looks like the offical bacon professor with the glasses….and I must say Binky looks pretty serious as well as Fernando quite perfect followup to the brisket perfection.. The home touch makes all the difference…

  2. Lexx Says:

    You all are a true (and humble!) family! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. franklin Says:

    I am sure that it is a humble family but as far as being true???
    when it comes 2 the queen of funk it seems like you need a history or better yet(herstory) in what funk music is.number 1
    funk is the first black alturnative music of its time and as we all know funk is timeless Mallia Franklin(THE QUEEN OF FUNK) since
    1982 on George Clintons(the godfather of funk,DR.Funkenstein,better yet 2 me and a world full of fans that go back to 1969,The King Of Funk)on the back cover says
    just follow those wires goin 2 george’s left ear you will see Mallia Franklin now follow the wire 2 Queen Of Funk.
    and I own the domain name and you know I got a register #
    4 that trademark and logo.If you get a chance go 2 Queen Of FUnk.com(mallia Franklin)time 2 shut em down
    no offense all my sistas are queens you just have 2 find your own queendom.Funk is a lifestyle it was underground then and with hip-hop samplin the true funkateers live on

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