Tacos in Solana Beach

Solana Beach is just outside of San Diego where the tacos are good. We find Roberto’s Very Mexican Food at 445 North Highway 101. For variation’s sake, I order three different tacos — fish, chicken and carne asada (grilled beef). The fish is definitely the winner with a delicious piece of fried fish as its centerpiece, but all the tacos are quite good. One of the things I like about the tacos out here is that each type of taco gets its own special treatment. The fish taco is topped with fresh cabbage and pico de gallo (fresh tomato salsa). The carne asada taco has guacamole and pico de gallo. The chicken taco can be a real surprise to those who don’t know. First of all, it is served in a crispy corn tortilla instead of soft, and it is served with lettuce, shredded cheese and some crumbled cheese. I believe this is the gringo style of making tacos but I am not sure why it is prepared like this. Maybe chicken tacos are more of a American thing than a real Mexican thing. 


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  1. Antonio Says:

    don’t know if you guys have the time, or if you’re still in the mood, but these would be my choices for good mexican when you get to San Francisco (in no particular order):
    + Puerto Alegre
    ++ Marta’s Kitchen (inside the Jay’n Bee bar)
    +++ Pancho Villa (especially if you need take-out)
    yelp.com if you need directions….

    love the blog.
    can’t wait to see you at Bimbo’s!!

  2. Lexx Says:

    I hear you’ll be back in SF in February…True? False? Either way…when you come back to SF eat a Pancho Villa taco/burrito/enchilada…VG+!

  3. Murphy Says:

    those sound good, but as a native of san diego i have to suggest that next time you are in the area try more mexican food. mexican food here is like pizza in NY, everyone knows something better than you do, and everyone has their favorite taco shop. if you have the time to venture closer to the mexican neighborhoods, like barrio logan, you’ll find some amazing things.

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