Tomorrow I am going to wake up, around 9 o’clock, I’m gonna make you 8 Pies


(Before I get to the pies, I would like to explain a couple of interesting combinations I learned this weekend. In Portland, a friend of mine introduced me to a new late snack, onion rings dipped in milkshake. Sounds gross, but it is good. In Seattle, people eat their hot dogs with cream cheese. This actually is gross.)

Okay, so the Dap-Kings are in Vancouver today and a special treat awaits us at the Commodore theatre. The nice people at Tartine Bread and Pies (770 Beach ave)  are fans so they gave us 8 pies — sour cherry, blueberry, chocolate pecan, sour cream raspberry, Dutch apple, double crust lemon, strawberry rhubarb and pumpkin pecan. This is my dream come true. I have been craving this quality of pie every since I saw the movie “Waitress”. Being the food critic that I am, I must have a piece of every one of these pies. Every pie is pretty much perfect. An interesting one is the chocolate pecan pie, which is a pecan pie and a chocolate brownie all mixed into one. I can’t pick a favorite because every time I eat a piece, it becomes my favorite. 


8 Responses to “Tomorrow I am going to wake up, around 9 o’clock, I’m gonna make you 8 Pies”

  1. muffindegue Says:

    love to you dave on this your birthday a very big hug!!!!! dave might just might need a cake!!!!!!

  2. Joselynn Says:

    You left out the part about the lemon pie at your drum kit…and gabe’s jaw dropping…

  3. Lexx Says:

    WOW! It was my birthday on Monday, too (But I celebrated it 5 days earlier, here in San Francisco when you came to Bimbo’s 365 Club…best present EVER)!

  4. Lexx Says:

    PS> I agree. I’ve been jonesing for some pie since Waitress…those look great! Big Up to those people for giving you such a wonderful surprise!

  5. Toby Says:

    Perfect. But was it a crispa, was it a nice? Did you a like it?

  6. PunkSoulBrother Says:

    Homer; glad you enjoyed the Pies of Vancouver — Commodore show was a blast! Just as dynamite as the set at Elysée Montmartre in Paris this past Oct.
    Love your blog, getting hungry…..

  7. elizabeth (Ms. Betsy) Says:

    everything about vancouver was sweet…but those pies…damn. we need some pie on this tour! and ice cream!

    great blogging, homer!

  8. jo-ann turford Says:

    Greetings from Vancouver, we just found out today that you all received the pies we took to the show at the Commodore. We didn’t know, security was mean to us when we tried to deliver them, I guess they were just doing their job. Anyway, we got many more great pies here at Tartine, and we are still playing your music and hope you come back to Vancouver. And for the record on Martin Luther King Day, we made a very special “No More Sitting At the Back of the Bus Key Lime Pie” needless to say it was a big hit.

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